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Joyson Safety Systems



"Bill’s knowledge of the ICP-OES and the ICP Expert software is amazing.  He was willing to spend the time going over every analyte I was looking at to determine best wavelength and conditions.  He knows the optimum conditions to run the ICP-OES to obtain the best results.  He answers my questions in a way that is thorough and yet easy to understand.  He is super patient when I don’t understand and will continue explaining until it makes sense to me.  The time he took to ensure I was comfortable with my new instrument and the new software was impressive.  I never felt as if our sessions were rushed.  Even though all of our meetings were remote, I felt engaged as a customer and did not feel as if I was shortchanged.  I would recommend Bill every time for ICP-OES training for new users and those who already own one but are looking to improve their understanding of the system and software."

Elon University



"We could not have asked for a better person to complete our training and familiarization with our ICP Unit. Bill is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and relaxed. Most importantly, he was able to work with a wide variety of experience levels from undergraduate students to seasoned trace metal analysts. If we are ever in the market for additional accessories for our unit, we will be requesting Bill for further training."




"We enlisted Bill Dahl’s help in developing ICP-OES methods for our liquid waste evaluation as well as trace metal analysis for use in radioisotope characterization.  We found Bill extremely knowledgeable, friendly and eager to not only engage with our scientists but he also took the time to educate and familiarize the staff with the methods after designing and testing them.  Bill has also made himself available to answer follow-up questions we had after his consultation visit.  We are extremely satisfied with the quality and value we derived from working with Bill and wouldn’t hesitate to enlist his expertise again in the future."


City of Ventura


St. Clair

"Bill did an exceptional job training staff to run our new instrument – he was able to convey a great deal of relevant information in just two days onsite and quickly got us up and running. His training style is an added bonus: his approach is organized, focused, and hands-on, but he is also friendly, upbeat, and respectful. Bill’s training style really resonated with staff. Bill has an in-depth knowledge base and extensive expertise. His familiarity with the instrument was readily apparent. Bill did an exceptional job covering theory, use and maintenance of the instrument. Bill’s communication style is clear, direct. Bill didn’t talk down to us – he was respectful to staff as he answered our questions. Bill has a knack for conveying technical concepts in layman’s terms."



Perry Laboratory



"As a small agricultural laboratory that emphasizes quick turnaround time, adding new equipment can be a stressful process.  We worked with Bill while we upgraded our primary analytical instruments from AA to OES.   Bill was flexible, scheduling around our lab availability including weekends, and made sure we were prepared for our training sessions with lists of standards and other supplies to purchase ahead.  I especially appreciated the insight I gained into the true capabilities and limitations of our new instruments.  We were so pleased with the process that we purchased additional training hours for future method development."

Performance Analytical Laboratories



“William is highly knowledgeable about the Agilent ICP software and EPA methodology.  Because of his effective training, we were able to get our CA-ELAP certification quickly. Thank you so much.”

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